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Roland Barthes | Image Music Text
Roland Barthes | Image Music Text
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Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Pavilion Painting and House Exploration
Image House & Painting Exploration
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Shailene Woodley Big Little Lies
Golden Globes 2020 | Shailene Woodley | Big Little Lies | Alex Babsky | THE VISIONARIES Agency
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TCA | Uncut Gems | Congrats to Adam Sandler Kevin Garnett
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The Crown Olivia Colman
Golden Globes 2020 | Olivia Colman | The Crown | Sarah Uslan | THE VISIONARIES Agency
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Le Corbusier Phillips Pavillion
Le Corbusier x Xenakis | Philips Pavilion
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Thrasher Magazine
Thrasher Magazine Covers
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Golden Globes 2020 | Cynthia Erivo | Harriet | Coree Moreno | THE VISIONARIES Agency
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Critics Choice Awards
Critics Choice Awards| The Visionaries Agency | Vernon Francois | Alex Babsky | Coree Moreno | Lupita Nyong’o | Sarah
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