E-Zine #2: Lonely Studio or Collective


Before a work of art is publicly exhibited in a museum or gallery, the studio is also the place to which critics and other specialists may be invited in the hope that their visits will release certain works from this, their purgatory, so that they may accede to a state of grace on public (museum/gallery) or private (collection) walls. Thus the studio is a place of multiple activities: production, storage, and finally, if all goes well, distribution. It is a kind of commercial depot.
+ Daniel Buren

The fetishism of the commodity — the domination of society by “intangible as well as tangible things” — attains its ultimate fulfillment in the spectacle, where the real world is replaced by a selection of images which are projected above it, yet which at the same time succeed in making themselves regarded as the epitome of reality.
+ Guy Debord


Talent: David Friend, Rudy Grazziani, Brook Power, May Daniels & Cezur III
Photographer: Ben Duggan
Videographer: Video God
Outtake Photographers: May Daniels & Mynxii White
Illustrator: Danita Nuchsawat-Appelbaum
Fashion Director: Jules Wood
Hair Stylist: Will Carrillo
Makeup Artist: Mynxii White & Mona Kamal
Fashion Credit: Worstok
Special Thanks: Jesse Simon @ Other Peoples Children
Creative Director: THE PIONEERS


The architecture of reason exalts itself as a product of human history, bearing witness to the creative and representative abilities of a period and of a society.

The increase in the speed of reading (transport as a factor in spatial velocity, consumerism as a factor in temporal velocity) and the increase in social mobility call for architecture that can take stock of the situation moment by moment... To bear witness becomes working in history, with history and for history.
+ Superstudio


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