"The Pioneers: Business Card" // Channel 1

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""Vogue", Valentina Sampaio x Reuleaux", Director's Cut // C.2


THE PIONEERS is a Los Angeles based studio directed by Saul Aaron Appelbaum. Currently a series of multi-channel short films, scripts, storyboards, interviews, and screenings extend The Pioneers publishing, documentary, exhibition, and autofictional space.

Appelbaum works on brand projects with No Name Management in still and moving image, campaigns, editorials, and hand tailored media objects that embrace new forms of expression and communications.

As a Contributor to Curator, Appelbaum is an active participant in conversations about the arts, culture, and initiatives that exemplify a shared spirit of transmedial and parasocial practices.

"FGP Atelier: Study" // C.3


Appelbaum holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a Master of Architecture from Cornell University, and a Master of Fine Art from the University of Chicago. Since 2001, he has worked on projects including those with Harper’s Bazaar, Serpentine Gallery, ASICS Tiger, Elle, Petzel Gallery, FGP Atelier, The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, InStyle, the Ann Hamilton Studio, the Jewish Federation, TRANSFER Gallery, Heidi Klum LLC, de Sarthe Gallery, Snoop Dog, L’Officiel, Hirmer Verlag, Kids of Immigrants, the Columbus Museum of Art, Vogue, the Singapore Art Museum, Critical Inquiry, Perry Ellis America, and Numéro.